Common Errors and Artifacts in Hemodynamic Measurements

Authors: Michael Ragosta III, MD and Lawrence W Gimple, MD
Credit/contact hours: .25
Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes
Publication Date: March 8, 2018
Expiration date: March 7, 2027



Hemodynamic pressure recordings can provide valuable information regarding cardiac physiology and pathology. It is important to avoid artifacts and errors in the recording of high-quality pressure tracings. In this exercise, we will review common errors and methods to identify and avoid misleading information.

You Will Learn

  • To identify common errors in pressure recordings including over-damping, under-damping (“ring” artifact), catheter whip or “fling”, hybrid waveforms, catheter malposition, loose connections, catheter kinks, and/or faulty transducers.
  • To define the physical principles associated with errors in pressure recordings.
  • To learn methods to correct errors and to record diagnostic tracings.

Method and medium:

Learners participate in the interactive learning modules by correctly answering multiple choice questions dispersed throughout. Learners will be prompted to try again, if a question is answered incorrectly.The course will open in a new tab – to exit the course, simply close the tab.